Sell-less Rewards Contract

We will be deploying a next-gen sell-less smart contract that doesn't require the selling of our native tokens to generate the BUSD rewards, or to fund the buyback, marketing and development wallets. This is the first contract of its kind, making it truly unique. We will be 100% sell-less, not merely 'less sells'. We believe this contract will commence a new era in the reflection tokenomic space by setting the new standard.

Vault Finance sell-less contract
Pre-Launch token distribution chart

Pre-Launch Token Distribution

  • HC: 350K BUSD - SC: 200K BUSD
  • Presale Buy: 150-1750 BUSD
  • Presale Rate: 300B/350 BUSD
  • 400 Whitelist Spots
  • Private seed phase and presale investors will not be vested
  • Team wallets vested for 2 years

Tax Breakdown

  • 7% on Buys

  • 4% BUSD Rewards
  • 1% Strategic Buyback & Burn
  • 1% Marketing
  • 1% Liquidity
  • 9% on Sells

  • 4% BUSD Rewards
  • 2% Unlock The Vault
  • 1% Strategic Buyback & Burn
  • 1% Marketing
  • 1% Liquidity
Tax Breakdown chart

Holder Benefits

Rewards for sell-less contract holders icon

Daily BUSD Rewards

4% of trading volume will be redistributed to holders every day as BUSD. High enough to provide daily income to holders but low enough to fund other exciting ventures in the Vault, which will keep investors joining the #ELITEARMY

Unlock the vault icon

Unlock The Vault

2% of trading volume associated with sells will be converted into BUSD and stored in our Vault Wallet. Once the Vault is so full it could blow, we will unlock the vault in a #UTVEVENT, showering investors with even more BUSD rewards. Be sure to keep an eye on your wallet - the Vault could be unlocked at any time

Strategic buyback & burn icon

Strategic Buyback & Burn

1% of trading volume will be assigned to our strategic buyback & burn wallet (BB&B), which will be used to keep lowering the circulating supply and help your tokens appreciate in value. Buyback will be automatic and burns will be manual, executed periodically to keep the community on their toes

Diamon hands heist icon

Diamond Hands Heist

In order to show gratitude towards our loyal holders, if you are still holding your Vault Finance Tokens at day 30, then you will become eligible to receive additional tokens at day 60. A total of 100T tokens (yes, you read that right) will be split between these 60-day-diamond-handers, delivered straight to your wallet via the Heist Helicopter

Anti-Dump Security icon

Anti-Dump Security

To help protect your investment there is currently a maximum daily sell limit of 300 billion tokens per wallet. This was put in place to ensure the safety of investors and the company as it grows from its infant stage. The core team at Vault Finance continues to review the effectiveness and impact of this feature to ensure that it benefits the investors and ultimately the company overall.

Launch, List, and Trade with us.